Posted Mar 03

Front End Infrastructure Engineer - Ember.js

Mountain View, CA, United States Full Time

Addepar is hiring Ember infrastructure engineers! As one of the largest and most complex Ember.js applications in production, Addepar is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the framework and in the browser itself. Our product makes full use of Ember, pushing it to its limits to deliver a native-like app experience to our users. We deal with loading and displaying large amounts of financial data, generated on-the-fly as users query our Global Financial Graph; Report creation, editing, and generation (think like a supercharged financial version of PowerPoint); bulk importing and manipulating large streams of data; and many more technically challenging problems.

Quick Demo:

The Infrastructure and Components team is responsible for maintaining the foundation of the product, and keeping the team up-to-date with the latest best practices and developments in the front-end ecosystem. We are Javascript and browser specialists first and foremost, dedicated to understanding the inner workings of the various JS engines, web APIs, and Ember libraries that allow us to build ambitious applications in the world’s most ubiquitous runtime.

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